Sunday, 18 February 2018

Trial and Error

Hi everyone, well moving on from last weeks post i finally managed to make a candlestick i was happy with. After many trials including 3D Printing which looked fantastic but once i tried to drill out the core it just fell to pieces,I finally decided to use Milliput which is a very fine two part epoxy putty which i was able to mould and file into the shape i required (please excuse the quality of the photos).

You can just about make out the outline of the candle stick in the above photo with the candle and LED in place.

And here a shot of the light switched on im still undecided yet whether to tone the brightness down a little more i have already added a yellowish tinge to the tip of the LED as the warm white was just too bright this will be simple to do while its still in place but i will trial it out before hand on some spares i have.
Have a wonderful week everyone. Tony.